Care for young stand to increase the value of the forest

In order for the new forest to grow beautiful and resistant to any weather conditions, it must be taken care of from the moment the trees are planted, providing the trees with the most favourable growing conditions. The main task of caring for young stand is to create a forest stand appropriate to the surrounding conditions:

with the desired composition of tree species;

with a specific number of trees;

provide them with sufficient space for growth.

Agrotechnical care is carried out shortly after planting, to free the new plantings from grass shading and root competition, allowing the tree to grow undisturbed and receive enough sunlight.

Care for young stand – a care method in forest stands or clearings where trees have been planted, sown or naturally regenerated, with the main goal of ensuring the formation of high-quality, productive and vital tree stands of appropriate composition.

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Requirements of young stand tree species

Coniferous trees

Care is recommended in October, November, because during this time the snow flattens the cut trees to the ground, favouring their faster rotting.

Deciduous trees

The works must be carried out in July, August, because the stand will be protected from rapid sprawling of sprouts and the left trees will strengthen during the growth period and will be more resistant to the negative impact of wind and snow in autumn and winter.


Thinning is recommended when the stand has reached a height of about two metres. When thinning the stand, you should not leave birches with thick, forked branches and crooked trunks.

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