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Our highest priority is care for Latvian forests, ensuring sustainable management on a daily basis, thus providing a significant opportunity for the forestry industry to achieve environmental goals – improving forest health and increasing its ability to adapt to changing climate conditions, in order to strengthen the value and future potential of each forest. The quality of the company’s activities and production is confirmed by internationally recognised and prestigious forestry industry certificates:

FSC® Forest Stewardship Council


Forest Stewardship Council

Timber supply chain FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certificate confirms that timber used in production is obtained from responsibly managed forests and that the process is traceable at all stages of production and sales – from the forest manager to the end consumer.

FSC® Supply Chain Certificate (PDF)

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SBP, The Sustainable Biomass Program


 Sustainable Biomass Program

Sustainable Biomass Program SBP (Sustainable Biomass Program) is a unique certification system for woody biomass used in industrial, large-scale energy production. SBP provides assurance that the woody biomass is produced in accordance with the regulatory requirements for responsible woody biomass.

SBP Sustainable Biomass Program Certificate (PDF)

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Corporate sustainability standards in our everyday life

Reduction of CO2 emissions

By renewing and modernising the technical machinery fleet, we have significantly reduced CO2 emissions occurring during the forest management processes, as well as the optimisation of transportation distances is introduced by planning work in one place and reducing unnecessary trips.

Sustainable forest management

Forest management and the provided services aimed at environmental preservation and the value of nature, which contribute to the afforestation of agricultural lands, and careful evaluation of the felling volumes in relation to the increase in the forest.

Working environment safety and protection of employees

Our highest priority is our employees and they are protected by a specially developed code of ethics on labour protection, fair competition, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, which serves as a guideline in our daily work, communication with colleagues, customers and cooperation partners.

About us

Meža Enerģija is a certified, multi-profile forestry and logging company mainly engaged in the production of energetic wood chips and sustainable forest management throughout Latvia.

The most important of the company’s guidelines is to strictly comply with the basic principles of FSC FM forest management and SPB sustainable biomass use, ensuring the traceability of the timber supply chain.


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