Clearing of areas

Clearing of overgrown areas from trees and bushes

An experienced team offers clearing of properties from trees and bushes, guaranteeing the highest payment at the areas larger than 1 ha.



melioration ditches

agricultural lands

construction plots

Entrust us with the clearing of overgrown areas and earn

Guaranteed payment

Guaranteed payment

Regardless of the size of the entrusted area, the land owner receives payment for logged trees and shrubs located on the property, agreeing the price before the start of the works

Revenue from logging

Revenue from logging

By entrusting us with the clearing of areas, the land owner receives payment not only for the produced wood chips, but also for the prepared roundwood assortments

Excellent quality of work

Excellent quality of work

Clearing works will be carried out by our certified specialists using modern clearing machinery ensuring efficient performance of works in the shortest possible time and guaranteeing the highest quality of performance of works

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How do I apply for clearing an overgrown area?


Apply by filling out the application form or contact our specialists by calling 62606000


After receiving the application and evaluating the object in nature, an offer is prepared


The plan of clearing works is agreed with the land owner and clearing is carried out according to it


The land owner is paid according to the amount of produced wood chips and the assortment of trees obtained as a result of logging


The payment for each object is affected by various factors – accessibility of land, distance, density